About Me

Sanjay Mistry, @ Public Relations Birmingham

Hi, I’m Sanjay Mistry and I’ve worked in PR since 1991.

My experience is broad but in-depth covering communications, public affairs, consumer and B2B. Good contacts are the lifeblood of any good PR consultant. My contacts book is my most valuable asset. It includes national and local press journalists – print, radio and TV, and specialist trade press.

I’ve generated considerable positive press coverage for my clients. I’ve also been able to limit potentially damaging press comment too. It’s been achieved through two things: great contacts and highly effective media PR strategies and campaigns. The strategies and campaigns have been a combination of my own ideas and those generated by working with my associates.

Getting results

Effective PR can’t be achieved in isolation. It has to be completely integrated and aligned with the needs of the business. To bring the greatest benefits, any PR activity I create reflects the marketing and communication goals of my clients.

Key people in an organisation have to understand the value of PR and buy into the activity. Spokespeople have to be appointed and trained to speak to the media. I make sure the right people receive media training so they are ready and prepared at a moment’s notice.

When a crisis arises

A crisis can happen in any business. And you often don’t get much warning. I’ve advised clients how to handle difficult issues and show their organisation in a positive light. I’ve also managed, motivated and coached staff.

My experience

I’ve worked in both private and public sectors and I’ve freelanced for many different organisations at all levels. The work has been varied but has one common factor – I’ve got results. I’ve built up and refocused PR, raising companies’ profiles and dramatically improving their image through positive press coverage. It has involved acting as an ‘agent of change’: convincing senior managers of the clear benefits of a properly orchestrated PR strategy.

Working with other specialists

I work with a small team of specialists. Their ethos is my ethos: add value for our clients. We work together to achieve our clients’ objectives: not our own. I only work with people I trust and who have ability to get the job done. I’ve worked with them extensively over the years and we think laterally, act with integrity and our policy of honesty means our proposals are based on your best interest. Above all, we pride ourselves in delivering excellent support at an affordable price.